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Our view on your privacy

BO PAPER is committed to keeping the data of Users of its website protected in accordance with the strictest standards of confidentiality, allocating them only for the restricted purposes of their use, ensuring the security of the information provided, regarding name, address , email and telephone and any information collected.

The data and information collected from Users may be used for the following purposes:

• Respond to user queries and requests;

• Provide access to the restricted area of the Portal, when applicable;

• Comply with a legal or court order;

• Develop general statistics to identify the User's profile;

• Keep Users' records up to date for purposes of contact by telephone, electronic mail, SMS, direct mail or other means of communication.


Communication Channel with the DPO


Please contact our Data Protection Officer: Klyssia Santos.


Address: Rod. BR-101,  Km 007 - Barra Mansa Farm - Arapoti - PR

CEP: 84990-000

O acesso às informações recebidas é limitado apenas àqueles que forem autorizados e qualificados para o uso adequado dessas informações, observando sempre rigidamente os padrões de privacidade.


Os dados e informações coletados estarão armazenados em ambiente seguro, observado o estado da técnica disponível. Qualquer informação fornecida ou armazenada no site pelo Usuário não será divulgada ou cedida a terceiros, seja para fins comerciais e/ou não comerciais, exceto quando utilizarmos de serviços de terceiros, na qualidade de Operadores, para atingirmos as finalidades declaradas.


Em caso de fusão, cisão, incorporação, aquisição ou qualquer outra forma de reorganização societária envolvendo a BO PAPER, o Usuário desde já autoriza a transferência de suas informações ao terceiro sucessor.

O site da BO PAPER utiliza-se de cookies na consecução de suas atividades.

Os cookies poderão ser usados para auxiliar a navegação do Usuário na Plataforma BO PAPER e armazenar suas preferências. O Usuário poderá configurar seu navegador para que bloqueie o fornecimento de cookies enviados por servidores de conteúdo, o que poderá prejudicar funcionalidades.

Access to the information received is limited only to those who are authorized and qualified for the proper use of this information, always strictly observing privacy standards. The data and information collected will be stored in a secure environment, observing the state of the art available.

Any information provided or stored on the website by the User will not be disclosed or transferred to third parties, whether for commercial and/or non-commercial purposes, except when we use third-party services, as Operators, to achieve the stated purposes. In case of merger, spin-off, incorporation, acquisition or any other form of corporate reorganization involving BO PAPER, the User hereby authorizes the transfer of his information to the third successor.

The BO PAPER website uses cookies in carrying out its activities. Cookies may be used to assist the User's navigation on the BO PAPER Platform and store their preferences. The User may configure his browser to block the provision of cookies sent by content servers, which may impair functionality.

The tools, applications, document templates, data, images, graphics, the BO PAPER brand, the logo and those of the other elements comprising the BO PAPER Platform content belong to BO PAPER and the companies of its Economic Group, and are protected by intellectual property rules.

The User is prohibited from using or copying the intangible elements referred to herein for commercial and/or non-commercial purposes, under penalty of violating the rules of copyright and industrial property, provided for, respectively, in Laws n. 9,610/98 and 9,279/96.  

BO PAPER will be exempt from any liability in the event of any damages or losses resulting from failures, viruses or intrusions into the holder's database, except in cases where it acts with intent or negligence.

In order to ensure clear and objective rules, this Privacy Notice may be amended periodically, which will be informed in this space. This Privacy Notice will be interpreted in accordance with Brazilian legislation, and the Regional Court of the Judicial District of the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, State of Paraná will be elected, with express waiver of any other, however privileged it may be, to resolve any doubt, pending or dispute. from this document.

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