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BO PAPER ® works by supporting various socio-environmental actions, fulfilling its social role and contributing to transforming initiatives for society in general.

Among them we highlight:


Business Coalition to End Violence Against Women (Avon Partnership)

THE  BO PAPER®  has been a signatory company since 2019 and is active in the movement, showing both the internal public and the surrounding communities its commitment and engagement, in line with the objectives:

Ensuring a safe work environment so that female employees who are victims of violence have access to the support and support they need to be understood and treated fairly when they seek help or report abuse on or off company premises.
Promote internal communication and awareness campaigns on combating violence against women and girls so that company professionals and other stakeholders have the knowledge and information to recognize and know what to do in the face of violence.

BO PAPER®  periodically promotes conversation forums, provides digital and printed material, in addition to encouraging the use of active listening through communication channels. In the communities, it gives broad visibility to the campaign with billboards and delivery of an educational booklet on the subject.
During this period, the campaign gave voice to women and some cases that were dealt with, which encourages us in the search for a just and dignified society for all.


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Ray of Light Project - Arapoti - PR

The Raio de Luz Project develops the potential of women through sewing workshops using reused material and generating financial income in the region, benefiting residents of poor areas, professionalizing them and thus giving them the possibility to generate their own income. The initiative came from a group of women from Arapoti who offered sewing courses to the needy local community, with intensive classes and the right to a certificate. To continue this work, a group of facilitators was formed to develop a sewing project and since then they have been working with free workshops.

Today the Project is consolidated and offers work and income to women who dedicate themselves to the activity, who work with donated material to reduce costs.

In this context, BO PAPER® makes its contribution to the Project, donating the uniforms that employees use and are changed every 6 months (knit t-shirt and jeans), generating good quality material that is destined for the Project for making of handicrafts, which are sold directly at fairs and events.
In this way, we reach a group of trained women with their own income, in addition to reducing the company's waste and consequently  in the environment.


catch  - Free reading

Pegaí Reading Free is a non-governmental, non-profit initiative, created in July 2013 in the city of Ponta Grossa, Paraná. It operates in 15 cities in Paraná and is maintained by a group of 150 volunteers passionate about reading, who believe that books cannot be kept on shelves, deprived of being read. The printed books are available in more than 70 shelves distributed throughout the 15 cities, available to new readers in public places.
BO PAPER® is one of Pegaí's official supporters with periodic donation of paper for printing the books. Encouraging reading is part of our company's DNA, because as paper producers, we believe in the power of print media!
Together, we can celebrate the milestone of 70,000 books printed in 13 different titles with IVORY paper! 
Learn more about the project and find the shelves in the cities covered, through the website:

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Hives Campos Floridos - Arapoti - PR

The BO PAPER® partnership with AApicaF (Association of Beekeepers Campos Floridos) aims to encourage the development and sustainability of beekeeping, generating employment and income for the region of the municipality of Arapoti. Since 2012, the partnership has brought benefits to everyone in the community and with an increase in the number of members, we have increased the honey production capacity and consequently the generation of income, which since then has produced more than 1 ton of honey and has benefited more than 2,000 people. One thousand people. 
The beekeepers install boxes at strategic points in the factory and the hives are monitored, periodically removed and taken by the association for the production of honey. When production becomes available, BO PAPER® acquires some jars of honey that are offered as a gift to factory visitors.

With this, we offer:
1 - Promotion of the development and sustainability of beekeeping in the municipality of Arapoti, seeking a new model of beekeeping;
two -
  Alleviate the improper installation of beehives on the property of BO PAPER® , which may cause accidents between people and insects, ensuring the continuity of the bee species;
3 -
  Contribute to the Beekeepers Association to increase honey productivity in the region, as well as generate income and employment for associated families.

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Campaign "Every Attitude Counts" - Arapoti - PR

In September 2021, together with various sectors of the Arapoti community, we launched the educational campaign "Every Attitude Counts". The objective is to make the population aware of individual responsibilities in protecting the environment, specifically the disposal of waste .  is a supporter of the Campaign, emphasizing that we practice, promote and foster socio-environmental actions in the region, as well as we are proud to say that “We manufacture some papers. Others Assume. Taking care of the city we live in is one of them”. 
The image of the hand, which is printed on the advertising pieces, indicates the attitude of each one that “one by one, the garbage becomes a big problem and in the attitude of each one is the solution!”. If everyone does their part, the city will be clean and well cared for. Do your part and take time to take care of your trash. Separate, recycle, reuse and discard what really needs to be discarded and in the right place, so you help your city and everyone who lives in it to have a better quality of life”